Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Well here it is, 2010 and many of you are ringing in the new year by drinking champagne and watching Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years Eve. Some of you will be thinking about your new years resolution and some of you won’t because you believe they don’t work. The truth is that you are both right.

Resolutions only work for those who work the resolution. Same with goals, affirmations, “diets” etc. The key to getting what you want in your life is finding what works for you. Most of us are not born knowing what works, instead we have to try different things. Sometimes it is a combinatin of things that work best for us in one area of our lives and something else that works in other areas. The point is that you have to be willing to try different things to get the desired result.

Take a look into your past and find something that you accomplished. Now retrace your steps. Start with what you were thinking when you first set your sights on your plan all the way through to when you made it all happen. Now look at your behaviors. What did you do to organize yourself to act on your thoughts?    

Figuring out what has worked for you in the past is as important as knowing what hasn’t worked for you in the past. Keep an open mind and know that things change. What has worked in the past might need tweaking and what hasn’t worked in the past might suddenly work. If you have given it an honest shot, trust your gut. 

Once again take a look into your past at something that didn’t work out. Then look at your thoughts and behaviors associated with that time. What contributed to that unsuccessful attempt?

Enjoy the night and be safe. Feel free to leave your comments and questions.

Jeanné Giddens, Ultra life Coaching

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2 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Jamie says:

    Jeanne, this is wonderful….I love your no-nonsense, practical approach. As I read this I thought back to when I “accomplished” launching my own business…and my mind-set was simply one of determination. There was no option to fail. I guess it would behoove me to apply the same principal to my resolutions, huh? :)

    Happy New Year,

    • Jeanne Giddens says:

      Exactly Jamie. You got it. I wish you a wonderful 2010 filled with success and happiness.


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